Super Bowl LII: Four Verticals staff predictions

The Super Bowl is finally here and that means that the Four Verticals staff will make their picks. Will the NFC champion Philadelphia Eagles or the AFC champion New England Patriots be victorious?

Fim Oshin – Founder

I feel this Super Bowl is going to be a good one. Both teams have been dominate all season and the load of talent on both sides are unbelievable. New England will have a huge task to fill with Eagles defense that has bullied opponents all year but the Eagles offense without Wentz is pretty worrisome for me even though Nick Foles has done a good job in his absence, but I believe Brady & Co. will pull this one out.

Final Score: NE 27 – PHI 20

Kyle Andrews – Managing Editor

I’m usually the one that bets against Tom Brady on a regular basis. He then proceeds to make a fool out of me. However, I believe that this time around, I will be right in picking the Eagles as my Super Bowl champion. This Eagles team is adept at running the ball, ranking number fourth in the NFL and the Patriots are ranked 16th in rushing defense (111.2 rushing yards per game). In addition, this Eagles defense is ranked fourth in yards allowed per game (306.6 yards per game), so they match up pretty well with the Patriots NFL-leading offensive attack (393.8 yards per game). It’s going to be a hard-fought matchup and I’m looking forward to it, but I have to go with Philadelphia to win their first Super Bowl ever.

Final Score: PHI 24 – NE 21

Terrence Holman – Staff Writer

I made the unfortunate choice of picking against Tom Brady in both last seasons’ Super Bowl and in the AFC championship game this year so I’m not going to keep the trend going. One thing the Eagles offense should attempt to do is to control the clock, don’t allow Tom Brady to have a lot of possessions in this game because sooner or later he will crack that defense. With all that said, I’m going to predict that Tom Brady and the Patriots will lift that Lombardi Trophy for the second year in a row and for 6th time in franchise history.

Final Score: NE 28 – PHI 23

Ben Shor – Staff Writer

The Eagles have been a nice story so far. Ferocious pass rush, big time running game, and a continuation of winning in spite of Carson Wentz’s injury. However, the cinderella story ends this weekend. Bill Belichick is really good at taking what you’re good at and neutralizing it. The Eagles’ strength is pass rush and running the ball. Get ready for NE to screen the hell out of Philly, and load the box and force Nick Foles to beat them. Philly will have to try again next year.

Final Score: NE 31 – PHI 10

Felix Trammel – Staff Writer

The Philadelphia Eagles were the class of a very competitive NFC. Even the loss of their rising star QB Carson Wentz has not stopped their momentum. Their defense has been underrated all season and presents the issues that can beat Tom Brady. A four man pass rush. However this game seems like last year’ super bowl with the Atlanta Falcons. The Eagles want to play with a lead but if the Patriots get out in front may cause the game to be won by Nick Foles. Your eyes tell you to pick the Eagles but your mind says never pick against Brady, Belichick, and the Pats. I think Brady and Bill get their 6th super bowl in another close gut wrenching game

Final Score: NE 25 – PHI 20

Matthew Gilpin – Staff Writer

The Eagles have been a great story this season. The work of Chris Long and Malcolm Jenkins not only on the field but in their communities and the attention they raised to fight against discriminatory behaviors has been truly inspirational. Carson Wentz would have been the NFL MVP had he not torn his ACL in December but the Eagles really haven’t missed a beat with Nick Foles replacing him. All that being said, I’m not buying into the story. The Patriots are the Patriots and Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time. Philly has struggled against tight ends this season and they will be facing the best one in the league in Gronkowski. If the Patriots can neutralize the run/pass option from Foles then this will get ugly quick. The Pats win this one big

Final Score: NE 38 – PHI 14

Steve Rowley – Staff Writer

Tonight the Eagles are going to try and capture the first Super Bowl victory in franchise history. The Patriots are going for their third title in the last four years. Due to a season ending injury, the Eagles have had to turn to back up quarterback in Nick Foles. The Patriots are led by Tom Brady, the G.O.A.T. While Tom Brady was the last backup QB that won the Super Bowl, Foles is not Brady. The Eagles should pose a legitimate threat for the Patriots though. The best chance most teams have of beating TB12 is to make him uncomfortable. Fletcher Cox and the Eagles deep D-line are more than capable of blowing up the A-Gap, and possible rattling Brady. That being said, Bill Belicheck has had two weeks to study up on Nick Files and Coach Pederson’s Offence. When you have maybe the best QB and best head coach of all time, Its hard to doubt they’ll come out on top. I think the Eagles make this one a nailbiter. Tommy Terrific leads the Pats on a last minute, game winning drive. Chris Hogan hauls in the winning score with less than a minute left.

Final Score: NE 27 – PHI 24

Abdi Mohamud – Staff Writer

The Eagles defense is underrated. It’s gonna be a close game in my opinion.

Final Score: NE 21 – PHI 17

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