Browns Make Several Trades

On Friday, the Cleveland Browns made a bevy of trades that will positively impact the team’s present and future. After going 0-16, Cleveland is looking to solidify itself in the AFC North, and have a comeback season that the team and city have desperately needed for years.

The Browns’ first (and biggest) move of the day was to trade for Pro Bowl WR Jarvis Landry of the Miami Dolphins. Landry was recently retained under the Dolphins’ franchise tag, which would originally had kept him under contract for another season. It was reported early on that even though Landry had signed the tag, it wouldn’t necessarily mean he would be back with Miami for the 2018-19 season. Landry seems rather enthusiastic about his new home, as well as current star WR Josh Gordon.

Cleveland then made a move for Bills QB Tyrod Taylor, who struggled a bit in 2017-18; he was benched for rookie Nathan Peterman, who quite under-produced himself. Taylor is now viewed as a “bridge” QB by analysts, but Taylor will be out to prove himself in what could possibly be a contract season. They dealt away a third-round pick for the former Virginia Tech stand-out.

QB DeShone Kizer was dealt away later in the day for DB Damarious Randall of the Green Bay Packers. The Browns have plenty of athleticism all around the team, especially in their defensive back core. Sadly, they lack skill talent, something hopefully Randall can bring to the table.

Early on Saturday, the Browns made another deal by trading away Danny Shelton to the New England Patriots. Shelton’s contract was a bit over $2 million, so this will give Cleveland some more breathing room in free agency. Shelton was formerly a first-round pick. They also swapped draft picks with the Patriots as well.

All indications are that Cleveland is tired of being at the bottom of the NFL. With these new acquisitions and two of the top four picks of the 2018 NFL Draft, the future and present looks bright for the Cleveland Browns.


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